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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Last night’s art opening at the Rendezvous Hotel in Singapore was fun and unique. My art is showing alongside the work of eight other artists till the end of the year. Here are each of my 16 exhibited pieces from 5 series with a short description of each series:

Lucknow_Series_Courtyard_HiRes Lucknow_Series_Well_HiRes Lucknow_Series_Peacock_HiRes

Lucknow, 2011: Courtyard, Well, Peacock (shot in Lucknow, India)

20” x 20” C-Print from 120mm film

Limited Edition of 10

As a child growing up in Australia, large chunks of my ‘summer holidays’ were spent experiencing North Indian winters. My grandparents’ house and the botanic gardens in Lucknow are captured here on 120mm film.

Monument:Nature_Series_GardenTomb Monument:Nature_Series_PalaceTree Monument:Nature_Series_AmerBirds

Monument/Nature, 2010: Tomb/Garden, Palace/Lake, Fort/Birds (shot in Delhi and Rajasthan, India)

18” x 24” C-Print from digital

Limited Edition of 10

Nature puts these 3 monuments in North India into perspective; Mohammed Shah’s Tomb at the Lodi Gardens in Delhi, a Palace in Rajasthan and Amber Fort in Rajasthan.



Music Pseudo-Synaesthesia, 2013: Feldman’s Rothko V, Le Merle Noir

20″ x 20″ Acrylic on Canvas

Painting while listening to music by Feldman and Messiaen and , a kind of pseudo-synaesthesia converts sound into pigment.





Seasons IV, 2014: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

16” x 12” Collage/mixed media on watercolour paper

Architecture can seem permanent and static, yet the seasons impact it visually, transforming its appearance over time, and technically, affecting materials and inhabitation. The seasons represent change and are a reminder that architecture can’t be conceived of as purely static.

Spring  Summer Autumn  Winter

Seasons II, 2008: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

5.85” x 8.257” Collage/mixed media on watercolour paper

The extremes of the four seasons in New York influence how we inhabit space, what we wear and how we live as a whole. These four collages explore the natural world’s influence on architecture and fashion in urban life.