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If you’re one of the fortunate few who gets to go to Paris Fashion Week as part of your job (or better still, you’re invited just because), then this is old news to you. Taking a break from my Lucknow project, I snuck a peek at Sonia Rykiel’s A/W 2012 Runway video and I just can’t get over it. The combination of perfectly tailored tuxedo jackets and pleated polka dots, with mussed up hair and fierce headbands, to the soundtrack of Grace Jones’ I’ve Seen That Face Before; pure fashion perfection. The video created a visual frenzy in my head; Grace Jones, raspberries, polka dots, tuxedoes and Sonia’s frizzy flame-red hair.

I almost forgot to mention the perfect framboise (raspberry) pouts and, of course, the classic Sonia colors. I couldn’t help noticing the background of Grace Jones’ Nightclubbing album cover happens to resemble a Sonia colour too! Being in Singapore, without an actual Autumn or Winter, makes it slightly harder to get excited about A/W fashion, but this video is making me crave the cold, or even just want to go the malls where the AC is on too high. Now I have 3 other cravings to satisfy; pleated polka dots, raspberry lipstick and a Grace Jones album.



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