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I wore an Issey Miyake skirt to see the Makioka Sisters at Film Forum. The most memorable scene from the movie for me was Teinosuke watching Yukiko (his sister-in-law) eating and commenting on how she, like the geisha, opened her mouth to avoid smudging lipstick. Quoting from the book “(the geisha) once they have on their make-up they have to keep their lips dry. The trick is to put food deep in the mouth without touching the lips. They practice when they are very young on the drippiest things they can find”. Leaving aside the sexual nature of the scene, I genuinely wish I could master the art of eating without smudging my lipstick, especially now with my new ‘Heat Wave’ lipstick by Nars; a very bright orange tone. It was wonderful to see all the cherry blossoms in Kyoto. And it so happens that a student of mine is using cherry blossoms as his concept for a restaurant he is designing. Quite fitting given that fashion-wise S/S 11 is supposed to be all about color; bright, vivid, clashing color.


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