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I have been traveling for a few weeks and came across so much fabulousness while I was away that I couldn’t just do a regular Friday’s Fabulous finds. So here’s this fortnight’s favorites from four different cities; Perth, Singapore, London, New York. (And yes the jetlag was messed up). Bags have become a new obsession for me especially as I found some beautiful bags in my mother’s cupboard while I was in Perth. Jas M B does it again with their go-everywhere tweed number as seen at Liberty. Barney’s has their canvas version, but trust me the tweed at Liberty is the most fab. Salt ‘n’ pepper tweed with blue leather. The detachable strap, the detachable pouch, the foldover-ability. It’s practically a three-in-one. And then there were the stunning tie-dyed leather clutches from Sammy : Hand Made in Ethiopia (again, Liberty). Tie-dye has never looked better. My favorite was the yellow and green. The indigo is available at Calypso St Barth. 


For those of you who have seen Singapore over the years, you’ll remember what Haji Lane once looked like, and I can say that it has never looked better. It is now a row of fab boutiques, but not big-name designers. Think local and emerging. Very cool. I bought myself a fab flamingo clip for my hair.

Everything about my stay in Singapore was fabulous, even the weather. I enjoyed the balmy evening swims and hanging out with friends and relis. But also the eating, the shopping, and, of course, the architecture. I have been to Sing at least 5 times, but since I always knew I’d be coming back, I didn’t always focus much on sightseeing. This time, however, I did walk around Tanjong Pagar, and found the colors inspiring.

A few blogposts ago, I mentioned an emerging Perth label, Flannel, and now I think I can say Flannel has emerged. There are three boutiques in Perth and apparently, the stuff has been well received here in New York, though I am not sure where exactly one might find it. I can see why it would be a hit here, especially with dresses such as this beautiful leather/silk chiffon number.

And she has done a great job selecting jewellery and homeware pieces by other designers for her store. I got this Kirstin Ash ‘Scuffing Leaves Cluster’ as a gift (thanks, Dad). Her illustrations/collages are beautiful, and you can wear them close to your heart.

The weather here is definitely making it hard to get excited about spring fashion, but this stunning Kate Spade dress has me excited about an upcoming wedding.


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