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I have been in a blue mood lately. That is to say I am in the mood for blue. When I think about what I want to be wearing in summer, I see blue. I have a lot of earthy tones and some brights. Reds, oranges and yellows loom large in my wardrobe and there are some greens (plus neutrals of course). Really speaking, I have a lot of ROYG, and not so much BIV. Now I want more BIV. I am thinking turquoise and azure blue, but also electric blue, and some indigo-violets. I like the way that some designers have been incorporating blue with earthy desert tones to (I assume) signify the desert sky. And of course blue is big for bags. I absolutely love Toiles du Soleil’s espadrilles in the Collioure Roy fabric. 

And, try as I may to avoid it, this blue satchel has been on my mind for a while now. I’m just not convinced about the comfort level of a satchel, but I guess you have to keep it light.

Pierre Hardy’s purple bucket bag is divine, but I can’t seem to find an image for it. And it’s four digits, so no, probably not then. I also found a delicious violet glass necklace at the MoMA Design store, but decided to opt for the Kandinsky book I have been looking for (and which wasn’t in the Uptown location). It so happens that once you remove the dust jacket you see Several Circles, a BIV-heavy painting.

And lastly, I’ll be dreaming about a beautiful necklace I saw at Nest Interiors with pink, blue and green hues. A great way to bring in spring.


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