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This week my fashion obsession is Harvey Faircloth and especially these delicious pants. But where, oh where can I buy them? I cannot find them anywhere online or in-store. Please Harvey Faircloth, work on making it possible to purchase these.

A desert palette is strewn across this Plenty by Tracy Reese dress. It makes me feel hopeful about the coming of spring. Spring cannot come too soon this year.

This book seems to keep following me around, and I am certainly intrigued. Into the Sunset: Photography’s Image of the American West speaks to my current desert fixation. Perhaps I’ll use my MoMA Design Store voucher for it since the Kandinsky book I was looking for isn’t available there. In fact the MoMA Design & Book store supposedly has no Kandinsky books whatsoever at the moment according to the salesperson I spoke to.

Over the weekend I visited the newish Pierre Hardy store on Jane St. I really liked the clean, simple design of the store. And I love the shoes. But I won’t be handing over $1000+ for a pair. My favorite pair were the blue sandals with the neon block heel. Pricewise I think that I’ll stick to the United Nude block heel thanks. The heel is still a kind of neon, though the rest is more neutral.


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