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Desert hues are big this spring. Rag and Bone have definitely tapped into the idea. And I for one am thrilled since my wardrobe is full of sandy, earthy tones and vivid reds and blues already.

rag and bone-inspiration

rag and bone-ss11 runway

And these delicious hues are popping up everywhere .I am hugely impressed by Sonia Rykiel this season. Unexpected colors are combined to produce a painterly effect. Think strong black lines and muted tones, ash rose and lemon yellow, coral and rust. I have watched the runway video several times.

My fascination with the desert goes deeper. My father’s family comes from Rajasthan (ie where the Thar desert is), I lived in Australia during my formative years, which has more than its fair share of desert, and a couple of years ago I took a road trip (as part of a study tour with Columbia GSAPP) through the Mojave. My most recent experience with the desert made me more aware of my long-standing relationship with it. The Mojave was overwhelming and beautiful. Over the course of about 16 hours, we saw snow, rain, blazing sun, wind and sand storms. And it was the inspiration for my film Jasmine and Tar as well as my Filmy House project (below).

Filmy House, Shaumyika Sharma

I have become obsessed with the Classic Tucker blouse. I have been searching for a blouse that is the right length. I am not the tunic-type. And for the past few years, blouses have been way too long (and somewhat shapeless). In fact, I have been going to Alteration Concept to get all my blouses shortened. The Classic Tucker is the right length. It is roomy, but drapes well and the fabrics are fabulous. And here is her take on the desert with her ‘Northern Desert Floral’ blouse


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