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I think it’s time for a Friday first. I hope to keep this up every week. This is to be a report on the fabulous finds of the week. Whatever I happen to have stumbled across during the week that falls into the fabulous category will be seen here.

Liberty (London) wowed me with their fabulous smelling booths last weekend. It reminded me of some of my smell museum ideas. The booth was specifically designed for Frederic Malle’s fragrances. And I fell in love with Carnal Flower. The name really says it all. It takes floral to a level beyond sweetness.

There is so much stuff on sale this month that I can’t decide what to get. I did notice this pixelated rose clutch by Lulu Guiness though.

Speaking of clutch purses, Kate Spade has a quirky range of book-looking clutches. The Importance of Being Earnest is my favorite.

I’m still salivating over the Y-3 cushion wedge but fear that I am not going to be able to get hold of a pair since they went on sale.


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