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Monthly Archives: December 2010

The serious Delhi fog started Christmas day this year, which is a bit of a late start compared to what I have seen in all my years of coming here. This was not quite the kind in which you can’t see the car in front of you. It was slighly better than that in terms of visibility. I have never seen fog like this in any other part of the world that I have been to. It always causes flight delays, wreaks havoc on the roads, and makes one feel a lot colder especially as the sun is nowhere in sight. At least these are all the problematic aspects of the fog. I hadn’t really taken the time to ‘focus’ on the other aspects of the fog. There is something very beautiful and romantic about the fog. It is also impossible to capture in the form of a photograph or painting, at least in my mind. It’s an immersive experience. One that of course Diller Scofidio + Renfro captured by artificially recreating it in the Blur Building, Switzerland. And the best capture of that capture is their video. However, I can’t imagine that Delhi fog was on their mind when they worked on that project. I wonder which fog they were thinking of. Either way, I would love to capture the experience of the fog in some way to show those who haven’t seen it what I’m talking about. One thing I’ve never tried is taking a lomograph of it. Maybe that’s next.


I haven’t been blogging lately for a couple of reasons. The main one is that I was rather preoccupied with my wedding celebrations here in India or, as we like to call it, Wedding Part II. Part I was in NYC in March, and, although I myself was in a champagne number, our color scheme was magenta and orange. This was partly because I wanted to make some subtle references to my own heritage during our Jewish ceremony. The champagne fabric for my dress in NYC was purchased in India. Part II was very much a magenta and saffron event here in New Delhi. I wore magenta. Our ‘mandap’ was saffron. Amongst other things I love the visual aspects of a Hindu ceremony. And to give you a taste, here are the invites I sent out.