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Yesterday, one of the students I am tutoring (one-on-one architecture) told me that the architects she has spoken to lately have all been very pessimistic about architecture. Tant pis! She is applying to Grad school (architecture). I always try to paint a realistic picture about the profession, but I don’t think that pessimism and architecture go very well together. How can we think about the future holding pessimism and a pencil in our hands? What we are designing now could be built in 5 years time, and optimism about the future and its potential makes this possible. I am not saying I am not guilty of indulging in a bit of pessimism from time to time and I understand that this is truly a difficult time, but I have to agree with TWBTA (Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects); “architecture (is) an act of profound optimism”. We are in the business of construction, so let’s try to be constructive, not destructive. And yes, I have seen the stats lately.

‘Quiet Light’ Isamu Noguchi, Exhibition design TWBTA


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