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Yesterday, I went to London Terrace Gardens to pick up my original of ‘Light of the Rainbirds’ that was for sale at the Artbridge preview opening. (What’s on the scaffolding is a reproduction of an excerpt from the original). When I brought it down from the penthouse, the concierge asked to see it so that he would know which one was mine on the scaffolding. And he said “it reminds me of an album cover; See by The Rascals” and told me to look it up. There were some comments after that about how it was before my time, and also something mumbled about how he was surprised he could remember since his generation was the “generation that discovered drugs”. So I did look it up, and I do see what he means. Bird, water, clouds…..

‘See’ by The Rascals album cover

‘Light of the Rainbirds’ -Shaumyika Sharma


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