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Monthly Archives: November 2010



Yesterday, one of the students I am tutoring (one-on-one architecture) told me that the architects she has spoken to lately have all been very pessimistic about architecture. Tant pis! She is applying to Grad school (architecture). I always try to paint a realistic picture about the profession, but I don’t think that pessimism and architecture go very well together. How can we think about the future holding pessimism and a pencil in our hands? What we are designing now could be built in 5 years time, and optimism about the future and its potential makes this possible. I am not saying I am not guilty of indulging in a bit of pessimism from time to time and I understand that this is truly a difficult time, but I have to agree with TWBTA (Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects); “architecture (is) an act of profound optimism”. We are in the business of construction, so let’s try to be constructive, not destructive. And yes, I have seen the stats lately.

‘Quiet Light’ Isamu Noguchi, Exhibition design TWBTA


I will be submitting work to VisualAIDS again for their Postcards from the Edge exhibition/benefit in January 2011. I am thinking of doing a follow up to my piece from last year; ‘Sew’ from my still incomplete ‘Making’ series. ‘Sew’ did sell. Part of me wants to try a new medium. (Last year it was collage). In the meantime, here is ‘Sew’. I look forward to going to the opening this time on January 7 2011. Last year I missed it as I was in India.

Yesterday, I went to London Terrace Gardens to pick up my original of ‘Light of the Rainbirds’ that was for sale at the Artbridge preview opening. (What’s on the scaffolding is a reproduction of an excerpt from the original). When I brought it down from the penthouse, the concierge asked to see it so that he would know which one was mine on the scaffolding. And he said “it reminds me of an album cover; See by The Rascals” and told me to look it up. There were some comments after that about how it was before my time, and also something mumbled about how he was surprised he could remember since his generation was the “generation that discovered drugs”. So I did look it up, and I do see what he means. Bird, water, clouds…..

‘See’ by The Rascals album cover

‘Light of the Rainbirds’ -Shaumyika Sharma

Ah, Liberty, can you do any wrong? You make Christmas so sophisticated. You bring the glow without an ounce of gold. You make it Christmas without the red and green. I can’t wait to see you next month.

Liberty makes Christmas a design delight with their ‘Wonderfully Wild Christmas‘ magazine cover. And the goods inside are not bad either.

Thanks to dwell for linking us to this fun blog. I always feel like there isn’t enough written, said or, for that matter made, when it comes to menswear. Dudes need clothes too. (I finally gave in to the ‘dude’ terminology-it’s Friday). Well, TGIF and tune in to  F*** yeah Menswear. I know of someone with some Bastian pants who’ll be quite chuffed. (Ah yes, a little back and forth between Brit and American slang).

Michael Bastian ‘runway’

The ArtBridge VIP opening last night was great. It was such a pleasure to meet Gisue Hariri (of Hariri and Hariri), Victoria Anstead and Chris Northrup (all members of the jury) and great to finally meet program director Jordana Zeldin. (I met Rodney Durso, ArtBridge founder, a couple of weeks ago). Unfortunately I missed meeting Rick Bell. Now that my work is public, offline, on 23rd St, I feel that I can tend to an online exhibition submission called ‘100 Days of Active Resistance’ run by Vivienne Westwood and Lee. I need a few moments (ok maybe hours) with the image I plan to submit.


It’s finally here-the VIP opening of Artbridge-and now I have one main concern; what should I wear? There is always the temptation to wear black, but at the same time I want to stand out! I think I’ll do dark colors, but I will use COLOR. After all my image is B & W so no chance of me blending in or distracting since it is a strong B & W. I am so looking forward to meeting Charles Renfro, Rick Bell, Gisue Hariri….everyone in the jury. And walking down the street and seeing my work. I got a sneak peek yesterday. They were stretching the pieces.

Today is Diwali. Sometimes referred to as Hindu New Year. Pretty much the most important Hindu festival of the year. So Happy Diwali and here’s the ecard I sent around! (Yes, I know, everything turns into a design project for me!)

Artbridge:In Plain Site is opening to the public on November 11 2010 at London Terrace Gardens, Concierge Area 6pm-8pm (Enter at 425 W. 23rd St and follow the signs). Architizer blogged about the opening and public exhibition, and, as it happens, mentioned my name on their blog re: Artbridge. This lead me to think that, yes, I probably am the only architect-artist out of the 25 artists. What does it mean exactly to have an architect’s art on scaffold hoarding?

I always wondered what it would look like if my engagement ring were to explode all over the facade of a building. Somebody’s already done the work for me.