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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Last week, I went to August and had some delicious foie gras, as always, with a pang of guilt. I hoped that the duck in question had not had too hard a life. And then I started thinking about the latest fall fashion-fur. I’m always itching this time of year, to get into fall fashion. It’s too late to buy summer clothes, and many stores don’t have all their fall stuff in yet. So I browse online to see collections on the runway, and then I start planning out what I’m going to buy.

This year, for the first time in my life I am actually tempted to buy fur. And this is all thanks to Malene Birger. I know, I know, fur is a big trend this fall/winter (faux & real) but no other collection made me feel this tempted. It’s a big dilemma for me. I don’t really like the idea of wearing a dead animal (but I do wear leather and eat fowl and fish…hmmm). Malene Birger does use ‘Saga Furs’, supposedly ethically-bred fur. Why not wear faux-fur, you might ask? Well, this is the other dilemma for me. I don’t like faux-materials generally. I don’t like synthetics, especially the ‘silky’ kind (I’ll make exceptions for the likes of Issey Miyake). When it comes to design, I just don’t like things that are trying to be like something else. For me it either is what it is, or I don’t want it. And so, every year, I avoid fur, both faux and real, because I can’t bring myself to wear either. But this year, if it’s really true that Saga Furs are ethical, then you never know, Malene Birger just might convince me.


The summer semester for Architecture Through A Mixed Media Lens ended on Wednesday. The work was certainly of a high standard and there were some interesting films presented that I hope my students will upload to youtube. Visiting critics Joseph Caserto and Alberty Yu gave the students such great constructive criticism as usual. I am planning a field trip with students from all three semesters. I look forward to seeing them all in dialogue with each other.