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I have been to this new restaurant a couple of times now and it has good, basic food at a very reasonable price. I also like what they’ve done with their interiors. It’s a very clean, timber-and-white walls (with some B&W paintings) kind of aesthetic with some coppery perforated light fixtures. Again, a good basic that I’m sure had a reasonable price tag. The only thing I have to complain about is the upholstery, which seems to have come from nowhere. I can’t say I really understand how the designer or whoever is responsible came to this decision. Perhaps it was a case of the designer recommending one thing, and the owner deciding on something else because it was cheaper or they found it somewhere. This happens a lot, and it’s just too bad.



  1. Shaumyikasharma, other fabrics for the upholstery were recommended but the upholstery for this project among a few other items were non-negotiable for the owner as they were used in the two other restaurant locations.

    • Hi Dennis. I never did reply, but I know the feeling and thought that might be the case. I really like what you did with the restaurant, and like the look of your other work too. Westville is clean, simple but still conveys warmth. It’s always challenging when ‘external’ design elements have to be accommodated -Shaumyika

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