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Alexander McQueen, FW ’09

Sunjar, Tobias Wong

Bioscleave House, East Hampton, Arakawa Gins

I have been hearing people in the industry say  ‘Architecture is Dead’. But how can we think that when our central role is as optimist? How can we imagine the future if we are pessimistic? If architecture is dead, then let’s talk about its rebirth. I know it’s been a hard time, and the recent deaths of 3 important figures in the design world have left some of us with a sick feeling inside. And this is why I have decided that the project brief for my studio (Architecture Through A Mixed Media Lens) has to be about architecture’s rebirth. My students will honor the 3 dead designers (Alexander McQueen, Tobias Wong, Arakawa) and the most optimistic aspects of their work, but also move forward to imagining the future. The 3 briefs they can choose from are ‘fantasy resort’, ‘shiny lightbox’ and ‘color fields’. I look forward to seeing projects that are fantastical, bright and colorful.


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  1. Brilliant !!

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