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Yigal Azrouel, SS ’10

In case you haven’t already guessed, I am very much into color, though I do indulge in some monochrome from time to time. When I shop for clothes, I am often looking for colors that I don’t have, or prints as well as a good cut and good construction. For the sake of economy, I often try to find colors or prints that go with something I already own. Every now and then I need to go back to basics and neutralize my wardrobe and this is what I have been doing lately. After all, colors need a canvas. This ‘neutralization’ not only applies to getting more neutral separates, but also, I guess, ‘neutral shapes’-streamlined, simple etc etc. Of course, to me neutrals come in a range of different ‘colors’ and no, black does NOT go with everything. The neutrals I have seen this summer make me excited about my neutralization process. I have seen a lot of what I think of as liquid neutrals; blue-grey-khaki-greeny kinds of neutrals. I’m sure you’ve seen them. Cool greys with hints of blue, green, khaki, etc and many of them in fabrics such as crepe de chine, silk satin, silk twill, silk charmeuse, jersey etc-flowing, liquid-y fabrics. They remind me of cool, fresh water and grey skies. I want to use them to neutralize my wardrobe and the temperature outside.  In other words, my wardrobe is almost there-I just need to add water!


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