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Today, while I was out and about putting up posters for a new class I am teaching (Architecture Appreciation at The Cooper Union), I happened to stroll past Jamin Puech, and well, decided to stroll in once again. Needless to say I strolled out empty-handed. I’m not quite at that point in my life where I throw down $1000 without thinking (a lot) about it. But also I realized that there really wasn’t one particular handbag that stood out for me. It’s the store itself that holds the appeal. I have been fascinated by this store for quite a while, and now I finally know why. It’s because the duo are obviously collagists and collage is possibly my favorite medium (or maybe it’s photography or drawing-don’t make me choose). I’m not sure why this didn’t occur to me before today. Of course they’re collagists-they use silk, wood, raffia, plastic, canvas, etc all on one piece. The piece just happens to be a handbag. (This is also why Desigual is interesting to me). Maybe wandering into Jamin Puech just feels more like visiting a gallery than a shop and I feel like I’m there to learn, to observe, and then leave.


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