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So, you’re going away to a beautiful beach and everything is packed. Ticket, passport and straw hat in hand. But wait, straw hat-really? I know, I know, the image of you in a gigantic straw hat lying on the beach, cocktail in hand,  is sooo irresistible. But don’t forget you will have to lug that thing around throughout your journey. So with your straw hat in hand, think about this. When you go through security, you may have to take off your shoes, your jacket, take out your toiletries, your laptop (if you insist on taking it), ditch the water bottle, and possibly have your bag searched. Is it really worth adding the straw hat to that list of security to-dos? And do you want to put that beautiful objet into one of those awful grey trays that everyone’s shoes have been in, only to see it come out squashed on the other side? I know I don’t and that’s why I recommend a floppy alternative.

Floppy doesn’t conjure up the same image as a straw hat, but seriously there are some great options. I bought mine a few years ago at Coccinelle London. It is actually a jute hat with a wire brim. You can flatpack and put it away and once unfolded you can reshape the wire. They don’t have the same hat this season, but they have a nice grosgrain alternative, and a couple of cotton ones I quite like the look of. If the brim or the price tag don’t quite do it for you, then Anthropologie actually has a very nice wide-brimmed grosgrain hat in coral or blue. I’ve never tried this site, but this jute hat looks promising. And for men, I found this jute trilby by True Religion online at Saks.

If neither grosgrain nor jute will do, and you insist on taking that straw hat, then make sure it’s big enough to double as a beach bag, and please invest in a glamorous hat box.

-Shaumyika Sharma


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  1. Well put and good advice .

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