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The 3 oz rule has been around for a while, but there’s no need to fear it-just have fun with it. Whether you’re addicted to your own products or prefer a ready made kit, there are plenty of options. Keep in mind where you’re headed. Don’t leave out the sunscreen if you’re going to be on the beach, and make sure you have a rich moisturizer if you’re going into colder weather. You may have to prioritize.

Ready mades

The nice people at Malin & Goetz have put together a fab kit of 6 3 oz bottles in a clear resealable bag. The kit includes face cleanser, face moisturizer, body cleanser, body moisturizer, shampoo and conditioner. Done. Just add toothbrush and (small) toothpaste. Available at department stores, Flight 001 etc.

For a perfect little dental kit, Flight 001 have done the work for you.

Free samples and smaller sizes

It is possible to get some of your itty-bitty toiletries for free. Certain cosmetics counters will give you trial sizes of some of their products. If there are products you’ve always wanted to try, this might be a good time. I’ve often tried products by Kiehl’sJurlique and Origins and ended up buying the product later.

Also, Aveda, The Body Shop and others actually sell smaller sizes-3 oz or less. Many pharmacies stock smaller sizes too.

Repackaging your own

If only the products you use right now will do, and you can’t find smaller sizes, then there are a number of places to buy little 3 oz containers. Muji has a great selection of different types of bottles and little jars. All you need is a little patience to squeeze or spray your fave products into these. They even have little tools to help you scrape, funnel or ‘inject’ your products in. Empty containers are also available at Flight 001, and elsewhere. You’ll just need to decide which containers are for what.

While I was in Australia I found a nifty little kit with a set of empty containers inside a clear resealable bag by Korjo, but haven’t seen it in NYC.

Something New

You can always use the opportunity to try some new products that happen to be the right size. I took it upon myself to try out Mor’s perfume oil-Snow Gardenia. Actually turned out to be the perfect scent for sun, sea and sand.


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  1. Brilliant travel tips! I didn’t realize Muji had tools to help you transfer products.

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